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NYT Connections hint for today: May 9

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The New York Times’ Connections is a daily brain teaser that challenges you to find relationships between seemingly random words. While there’s no guaranteed path to victory, some clever hints can nudge you in the right direction.

This article discusses today’s (May 9th, 2024) hints of NYT Connections to help you conquer those connections.

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What is NYT Connections?

The game presents a grid of 16 words. Your objective is to group these words into four sets, each with a specific hidden connection. The difficulty increases along a colour spectrum – yellow being the easiest and purple the trickiest.

Today’s 16 words are:

  • EGG
  • BILL
  • TAB
  • TIME
  • FUR
  • CAP
  • CORK
  • CURB
  • LID

Connections Hint and Categories Today (May 9th, 2024)

Here are some hints to help you figure out the connections:

  • Yellow group: Items are used to shield or conceal something (Container closures)
  • Green group: How can time be measured or divided differently? (Duration)
  • Blue group: What helps control or restrict something? (Regulate)
  • Purple group: What completes the iconic phrase ‘Perry the Platypus’? (Trademarks of Platypus)

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you unveil the connections:

  • Look for multiple meanings: A single word might connect to different groups based on its definition. Consider all possibilities for each word.
  • Think outside the box: The connections aren’t always straightforward. They could be based on sounds, parts of speech, or even cultural references.
  • Don’t get stuck on one group: If you’re stuck on a particular group, move on and return to it later. Focusing on the easier groups can give you fresh perspectives.

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NYT Connections answers for May 9

If you are still unable to figure out what the connection is, worry not. We have done it for you. Here are the Connections answers for today:

  • Yellow group: CAP, CORK, LID, TAB
  • Purple group: BILL, EGG, FUR, VENOM

Remember, you should start with just the hints instead of directly jumping to the answers. There’s no shame in peeking at solutions if you get stuck. But the satisfaction of cracking the code yourself is worth the effort.

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