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How to control your Android smartphone via PC

Don’t want to pick your phone every time for replying to texts or checking notifications while working on PC? Ever thought of using a desktop mouse for controlling a mobile phone? We all hate it when we get disturbed while working, and those buzzing notifications on our phones become irritating after a point of time. What we want is to control our mobile device via a PC.

Here we’ve got five apps that will help you control an Android phone via your PC.


How to control your Android phone via PC: 5 apps that will help you do soOne of the most amazing software and application combination that one can get for free. From screen mirroring to file sharing, AirDroid provides it all at one place. It is one of the most trusted and reliable methods. Though some of the premium features are only available in the paid version, the features basic features can be found in the free version as well. The connectivity is simple and easy.

Download AirDroid here

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How to control your Android phone via PC: 5 apps that will help you do soA chrome application which when installed on the phone, can connect both the devices together and the most amazing thing is that it syncs between devices. So, if the user is reading some content on a website, it can be resumed from the same place on other devices. There is no need to re-open the website, search for that content or browse again even after switching the device. It saves a lot of time, and in addition to this, Join provides multiple features like sharing files, replying to messages, taking screenshots, and more.

Download Join here


How to control your Android phone via PC: 5 apps that will help you do soThinking of connecting multiple devices to your PC? Go for PushBullet. It even allows you to chat with different devices connected via PushBullet. Sending and receiving Whatsapp messages through PC is very easy. Also, the user interface is pretty clean and simplistic. Other than the limited-features free version, there is also a paid version in which there is no restriction or limit to the number of messages you can send over Whatsapp.

Download PushBullet here


How to control your Android phone via PC: 5 apps that will help you do soEver thought of moving the mouse to the end of the desktop screen and controlling the mobile screen through it? DeskDock is a fantastic platform which gives the users power to open the apps using a mouse. It does not support mirror screening but supports desktop keyboard and clipboard on mobiles. The paid version of DeskDock supports these amazing features as well.

Download DeskDock here


How to control your Android phone via PC: 5 apps that will help you do soSamsung has created this app specifically for Samsung device users. It’s one of the smoothest application that connects desktop and mobile easily. It provides features like screen mirroring, reading notifications and transferring files at amazingly fast speeds. Additionally, it can also be used for playing games on bigger screens when connected using a wired connection.

Download SlideSync here

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