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Cooler Master confirms Fanzone breach; 500,000 people at risk

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Taiwan-based computer hardware manufacturer, Cooler Master, has confirmed that customer data was accessed in a data breach on May 19, leaking 500,000 customer records registered to CM Fanzone.

A cybercriminal group known as Ghostr downloaded 103GB of data from the Fanzone breach, including the names, email addresses, postal addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers, and birth dates of people who had registered on the website. In addition to customer data, employee and vendor information, including email conversations with vendors, was also stolen.

Cooler Master Fanzone is used by the company’s customers to register their products, avail warranty, receive exclusive offers and giveaway notifications, open support tickets and get repairs, returns or refunds.

The company manufactures computer peripherals like mouse and keyboards, gaming chairs, monitors, PC cases, power supplies and cooling devices.

Cooler Master Fanzone website that suffered the breach

Cooler Master told BleepingComputer that it has started notifying the affected customers. The company said, “We can confirm on May 19, Cooler Master experienced a data breach involving unauthorised access to customer data. We have engaged top security experts to address the breach and implement new measures to prevent future incidents”.

While Ghostr also claimed to have partial credit card information of the customers, BleepingComputer didn’t find any evidence to support this claim.

It’s advisable for all people registered to the Cooler Master Fanzone to be on the lookout for fishy emails. If the database is sold or leaked on hacking forums, they could be targeted in phishing attacks. The authorities have been notified and are investigating the breach.

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