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What does Ctrl + Shift + N do?

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It is a tale as old as time, there have been many keyboard shortcuts that users have found in order to save time by stirring their hands to move the mouse. You may already know quite a few of these shortcuts and yet many of them have different functions on separate applications. Do you have a basic idea of what ctrl+shift+N stands for? Get ready to be surprised and learn about some more possibilities for this shortcut on diverse programs.

In this article, we will cover what ctrl+shift+N does on a variety of apps. So make your life a little easier by learning what ctrl+shift+N does in different programs.

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What does Ctrl + Shift + N do?

Ctrl+shift+N has separate functions for separate programs. It has more to do with apps or programs rather than the operating system. Expanding on our current shortcut, you might be familiar with the ctrl+shift+N shortcut on Chrome. Pressing ctrl+shift+N opens a New Incognito Tab, an entirely new window that does not save any tracking cookies or your browsing history. You can surf the web without leaving a trail or carrying any cookies from previously open tabs. Just ctrl+N opens a new tab in a new window on Google Chrome and Chromebook.

Ctrl+Shift+N on Discord

Ctrl+shift+N can be used on multiple applications and have a separate function on each of the programs. Some of these programs or apps have been summarised in the table given below:

Apps/ProgramsCtrl+Shift+N shortcut functions
Windows 11Creates a new folder
Brave Browser Opens private mode on a new window
Microsoft EdgeOpens a new InPrivate window
FirefoxUndo the action of closing any window
Adobe Acrobat Reader DCGo to a specific page number
Microsoft WordReduces any heading or big size of the text to a smaller size of text
NotepadShows line numbers
DiscordCreate a new server or join an existing server
Adobe PhotoshopAdd new layer
Adobe After EffectsAdds new mask
KritaPastes into a new image
BlenderRecalculates normals to inside
Visual Studio CodeOpens a new window or instance
Windows Media Player 11Plays at normal speed
TelegramHelps clear formatting

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