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How to delete Amazon Prime Video watch history?

Amazon allows users to view and manage their video history through account settings. However, you should know that deleting a video from your Amazon Prime Video history will not block the video in any way as it will still appear in searches; clearing the video history list only removes the videos from the Watch History on Prime Video.

Any video title you so much as click on for playback ends up in the Watch History list of your Prime Video account, and if you’re looking to clear your Prime Video Watch History, we’ve got a three-step guide for you below.

Prime Video watch history is profile-specific. So, to view, manage and clear the watch history for some other profile, you’ll first need to switch to it and then access the account settings.

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Clear Amazon Prime Video watch history

Login to your account on and follow the steps mentioned below to delete your Prime video history.

Step 1: Click on your Amazon profile name on the top-right corner of the website. Then select Account & Settings from the list of options that appear.

How to delete Amazon Prime Video watch history?

Step 2: Then Amazon might prompt you to login again, which is usual when accessing account information on Amazon. Enter your login credentials and then click on the Sign-in button.

How to delete Amazon Prime Video watch history?

Step 3: On the next page, click on the Watch History tab. A list of all the movies and series you’ve watched on Prime Video will populate the page. To delete any video title from your watch history, click on the Delete episodes from Watch History list.

How to delete Amazon Prime Video watch history?

If you only want to delete a few episodes of a TV Show from your Watch History, click on the Episodes watched option below the name of the series and then click on the Cross icon to the right of the episode you want to delete.

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How to remove videos from your watchlist on Prime Videos?

On the homepage where the Watch next TV and movies list appears, hover over to the video title you want to remove (long-press on smartphones and tablets) and then click on the Remove from Watchlist icon.

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