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DirectTV error code 721: Quick Fix

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While DirectTV might work just fine more often than not, it sometimes runs into random bugs and glitches. In this article, we’re looking at DirectTV’s 721 error code, its causes and figuring out how you can fix the problem.

Why are you getting the DirectTV error code 721?

The error more often than not appears when you’re trying to watch a channel that isn’t included in your subscription. However, there are certainly other reasons as well.

  • You’re reciever might not be getting progrram info for the channel.
  • Firmware glitch.
  • The channel might not be a part of your subscription package.

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How to fix DirectTV error code 721?

The solution to this is rather simple, here’s are four ways you can try fixing the DirectTV error code 721.

Check your subscription

The first thing you should do is to check whether or not the channel you’re trying to watch is actually part of your subscription package. If it isn’t, the solution is rather simple, just upgrade the subscription to get the channel included. You can check the DirectTV channel lineup page to see if you have the channel or not. 

Reset the reciever

Simply restarting the receiver can help you resolve this error, as well as it can iron out any firmware issues you might be running into. You can also try resetting the receiver using the reset button inside the access card door or on the side of the receiver for older models. 

Just short press the red button, wait for the receiver to reboot, and all the lights start flashing at once. This should fix the 721 error code for you. 

Refresh the service

If you’ve upgraded your subscription and still see the error, you might have to refresh the receiver, restoring the service in the process. 

Just unplug the receiver from the outlet and wait for about 15 seconds. Then plug the cord in, press the power button and wait for the device to boot. This should fix DirectTV error code 721.

Contact support

The last option for you is to contact support, as in such cases, the issue may be beyond your control, and you might need a customer care representative to fix the problem for you.

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