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Discord is discontinuing its Nitro Games catalogue on October 15

A year after launching the Nitro Games, Discord has announced that they’ll be discontinuing the game catalogue on October 15, as a majority of the subscribers did not find the games exciting enough to play.

Although the company is withdrawing the games catalogue, they’ve been adding several other features such as Server Boost, Go Live,1080p 60fps and Source Go live streaming.

Alongwith the announcement of the removal of Nitro Games, Discord also says that the upload size for Nitro $9.99 subscribers has been doubled to 100MB. Furthermore, the company is also working on reducing the number of boosts needed to reach Level 3 from 50 to 20.

Discord is offering a refund to those who wish to cancel their subscriptions. Fill this form to get in touch with the company.

“October marks one year since we signed the first batch of games to our Nitro Games catalogue. This means next month, it’s time to revisit those annual contracts. After careful consideration, we won’t be hitting Continue when these contracts come up for renewal. The Nitro Games catalogue will be removed on October 15th, 2019,” Discord announced.

Nitro game subscribers will be able to access the game catalogue until October 15, 2019. These changes will not affect any other games purchased by users on either Discord or Nitro Game Perks.

“With this change, we have the resources to refocus. We’re going to double down on making sure Nitro nails its mission: more features, fun, and enhancements for hanging out in Discord with the people you care about.”

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