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Does KFC take Apple Pay?

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If you are standing in a queue to pay for the delicious bucket of crisp chicken wings that KFC offers, then opting for a digital payment method is bound to get you out of there fast. With Apple Pay being a leading service for electronic wallets, there are yet many stores and restaurant chains that haven’t entirely shifted to digital payment methods even with their growing popularity.

In this article, we will be finding out if KFC takes Apple Pay as well as the other acceptable payment methods available at KFC.

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Chicken or Apple?

Might not be a question about who came first (KFC did in 1952), but Kentucky Fried Chicken has brought respite to many people. So if you are wondering whether the old company takes Apple Pay, then yes it does. KFC takes Apple Pay in many of its outlets if not all.

Yes, KFC accepts Apple Pay.

The practice of accepting Apple Pay at KFC outlets began after the recent COVID pandemic started retreating from the world. KFC has various methods of serving their delicious food to their loyal customers and these include:

  • In-restaurant
  • KFC app
  • Drive-Thru

At the KFC restaurant

If you are at a KFC restaurant, then you can pay for your meal using Apple Pay at the counter. You can scan or tap your Apple Watch or iPhone to their NFC or Near Field Communication machine. Make sure that you have the Apple Pay app connected to your debit or credit card and set it up on your device prior to any transaction.

You can also ask Siri to help you pay for your meal which will proceed to pay for your KFC meal after a confirmation.

Through the KFC app

You can also use the Apple Pay option when you are paying online on the KFC app. For this as well, you should make sure that you have the Apple Pay app set up previously on your device.

At the KFC drive-thru

You can use Apple Pay at the KFC drive-thru. Just inform the attendant of your payment plan. It is important to ask about the acceptable types of payment available in any store or restaurant. Now, tap on the NFC scanner as shown, make the confirmation, and your order will be placed successfully.

Other acceptable forms of payment

Some other acceptable methods of payment available at KFC are:

  • Cash
  • Credit or debit cards
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Garmin Pay
  • KFC Gift Cards
  • EBT

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