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Does Kroger take Apple Pay?

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Kroger is an American retail company that owns various supermarkets and multi-department stores across the United States. It was founded in 1863, and since then, it has become a household name with the status of the largest supermarket operator in the United States. Apple Pay is a highly encrypted app that keeps the payment details of its clients secure and private.

In this article, we will discuss whether Kroger takes Apple Pay and what are other acceptable forms of payment.

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Kroger sells apples, but does it accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a secure form of payment that can be used by running it over an NFC scanner, usually at most stores. It helps keep customer hassle short by keeping your information private and letting you pay for all the items at a go. However, even though Kroger has over 2720 retail stores throughout the United States, they do not accept Apple Pay.

Kroger does not accept Apple Pay at their retail stores.

Recently, their subsidiary, Ralphs, a grocery chain store, has introduced Apple pay as one of their acceptable forms of payment. Besides Ralphs, no other Kroger-owned store accepts Apple Pay throughout the United States of America.

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Acceptable forms of payment at a Kroger store

Other than Kroger Pay, they accept other payment forms as various types of people visit retail stores. Not everyone uses or may have heard of Kroger Pay if they are not regular customers. Some of these payment methods are:

  • Cash
  • Kroger gift cards and gift certificates
  • Prepaid card from Mastercard or Visa
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Scan Bag Go app
  • WIC card
  • SNAP or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program gives an Electronic Benefits Card to low-income families. They can use it to buy food at any authorised retail store.

Why doesn’t Kroger take Apple Pay?

Kroger does not accept Apple Pay as they promote using their own online payment app, Kroger Pay. You can learn more about it here. Needless to say, Kroger-owned stores do not accept any other form of digital payment, including GPay.

Since Kroger offers various services and products under their umbrella, they have made a cashless and contactless payment app. Kroger also offers home delivery services with a same-day delivery option. The Kroger app is available on iOS and Android devices, so even if you cannot use Apple Pay, you can use Kroger Pay.

You can link your credit or debit card with Kroger Pay to unlock rewards on fuel and groceries the next time you visit the store. You will have to download the Kroger app. The benefits include 50% more fuel points and about two per cent savings on products.

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