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Does Verizon work in Puerto Rico?

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If you are planning on heading to Puerto Rico on a holiday or a destination wedding, then other than what clothes you might want to carry, you should think about getting a solid signal instead. Getting internet connectivity might be difficult if you are carrying a domestic sim from your country and will be slapped with data roaming charges.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Puerto Rico and whether Verizon is available in Puerto Rico as well as its coverage.

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Verizon’s coverage

While the American telecommunication network now covers the majority of the US, its international range is very low to none. So it is not surprising to not find a Verizon network while traveling abroad. You can always check on the map provided here to see all the places that Verizon covers.

Yes, Verizon works in Puerto Rico.

Verizon’s international reach has increased gradually over the years into Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Alaska. If the company keeps progressing, then Verizon will establish a stronger network link across the neighbouring countries of the US.

If you are traveling to Puerto Rico temporarily, then you can rest assured that your Verizon sim will work. So if you are traveling to Puerto Rico from the US, then domestic rates will apply.

However, many users over the years have complained of getting a spotty signal while using the Verizon network in Puerto Rico. As Puerto Rico is an earthquake-prone zone, so when a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit the region at the beginning of 2020, Verizon users complained about not being able to get in touch with their loved ones due to a weak network.

Are there any roaming charges?

No, there will be no roaming charges applied unless domestic roaming takes place. Domestic roaming begins when your device is connected to a non-Verizon network in either the US, Puerto Rico, or US Virgin Islands.

You can spot domestic roaming when the word “Extended” appears on the top of your device’s display screen. You will not be charged extra when on domestic roaming except for a few older plans. You can visit Verizon’s My Plan page for roaming details. If you can find no information about roaming, then it is a confirmation that there will be no extra charges for domestic roaming.

In the above map, you may notice that Verizon’s 4G voice and data coverage is not yet present in Puerto Rico, which is why some users face an issue with connectivity. Through a similar coverage map provided by Verizon, you can check your coverage area.

Keep in mind, if you have a prepaid 4G LTE plan, it will not work in Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico, cell carriers refer to LTE as 2G and 3G networks. If you want to use your pre-paid domestic plan, you can purchase a $10 per day TravelPass for Puerto Rico, where you can only pay for days when your phone is in use.

Make sure to keep your voicemail running in order to get voicemails if you are unable to receive a call or talk for long.

How to switch on data roaming?

You can turn on data roaming on your device before traveling abroad so your device is capable of connecting to the cellular networks of your destination country. This way, if your domestic network is working in alliance with a native cellular network of your destination country then you can be easily connected to that network.

You can switch on data roaming on an Android phone by following the steps given below:

  • Open Settings on your phone and tap on Network & internet.
  • Now select the Mobile network option.
  • From your list of SIM cards, choose anyone whose data roaming you want to activate.
  • Tap on Data Roaming.
  • From the list of options shown, either choose Global or All Network.

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