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Microsoft Edge adds an “Edge for Gamers” mode

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Microsoft is working on a new feature called “Edge for Gamers” mode, which promises performance enhancements, a gaming-focussed homepage and new sidebar apps including Discord and Twitch, something gamers often access. Dark mode and gaming-specific themes are also included in the package. The feature is currently in the early stages of development. 

Its highlight feature seems to be an “efficiency mode” tailor-made for PC gaming which is going to minimise browser resource usage so you have more hardware available for your games. That said, an efficiency mode already exists in the browser, so we don’t really know how this one’s going to be different. 

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has tried adding gaming features to Edge. Improving the PC gaming mode with efficiency mode is a feature that already existed in Edge a year ago in June 2022. Edge has also received features providing a clarity boost to improve Xbox Cloud Gaming streams as well. This new “Edge for Gamers” mode just seems to be a repackaging of existing features in a more convenient and perhaps more importantly, visible form. 

However, with Microsoft’s resurging interest in the gamer market, there’s a good chance that additional features will trickle down in this mode that might add more performance enhancements or just make the browser easier to work with games and streams. 

We don’t know if Edge will eventually turn into another Opera GX, Opera’s gaming browser that’s loaded with features that let users control the browser’s resource usage, themes, shortcuts and what not, but the browser experience won’t change much if you were to enable the feature today. That is if you even see the toggle appear under Appearance settings in the browser. 

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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