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Top 7 Ethereum gas fee calculators

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The Ethereum blockchain is more than just the ETH token. It’s a hugely popular platform letting people build their cryptocurrencies, DeFi projects, decentralised exchanges and most NFTs are also minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

However, for every transaction that gets registered on the blockchain, a miner has to crunch numbers to perform the necessary calculations for the transaction to register. This process requires a small payment called gas fees. 

In this article, we’re going over the top seven gas fees calculators that you can find online, helping you save money on gas fees.

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How is Ethereum gas fee calculated?

Before we get into gas fees calculators, let’s first see how it works. There are two main units you need to know about — wei and gwei (Giga wei). Gas prices are calculated using the following equation. 

Gas units * Gas price per unit (in gwei) = Gas fee

The best Gas fee calculators

You can try out the following gas fee calculators. 

ETH Gas Station 

The platform lets users live updates on the fast, average and slow gs rates across the Ethereum blockchain. You can also see the priority gas fee (paid directly to the miner) as well as the gas price in gwei. 

You can visit ETH Gas Station here

Gwei Gas Calculator

Next up we have a simple no-nonsense gas fee calculator that gives you a rather simple interface to calculate gas fees quickly. The website shows Ethereum’s current market price as well as the fast, average and slow gas fees.

You can visit Gwei Gas Calculator here


Unlike conventional gas fee calculators, Blocknative shows five different prices ranging from more likely to less likely. As new blocks are introduced to the blockchain, new sets of gas prices keep showing up on the page. The website also shows the priority fees and a graph of recent gas prices.

You can visit Blocknative here


The site shows the slow, average and fast gas fees labelled as standard, fast, and rapid instead. There’s also a graph that shows the live gas price in real-time. The site automatically refreshes every three seconds to keep the data updated.

You can visit SnowTrace here

AWT Gas Calculator

AWT or Automatic Web Tools offers a rather easy and simple gas fee calculator. The platform uses CoinGecko to determine the price of one gwei and uses it to provide a USD conversion of any given gas price. 

You can visit AWT Gas Calculator here


This is yet another rather simple gas fees calculator that can work for any currency and for a number of different blockchains including Ethereum, Arbitrum One, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Fanton and Harmony among others. 

You can visit Cryptoneur here


Gitcoin is a rather simple looking but advanced gas fees calculator that can give you insight into a number of different actions on the blockchain and the prices associated with them.

You can visit Gitcoin here

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