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What is the Feed Foundation scam?

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Perhaps you received a call soliciting donations or stumbled upon their website while researching hunger relief organisations. While the Feed Foundation appears legitimate, the situation surrounding it can be confusing.

This article discusses the Feed Foundation, its scam, whether it is a scam and tips for donating safely.

What is Feed Foundation?

The Feed Foundation is a legitimate 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation registered with the IRS. Their website outlines their mission: to fund programs that build a sustainable and equitable food system, ensuring everyone has access to nutritious meals.

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What is the Feed Foundation scam?

Unfortunately, the Feed Foundation has been linked to unwanted spam calls. These irritating calls frequently inundate individuals with donation requests. However, the Feed Foundation itself has publicly denounced the spam calls. They haven’t authorised tele-fundraising, and many sources believe scammers are exploiting the charity’s name. CharityWatch contacted the Feed Foundation, who confirmed they are not behind the spam calls.

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Is Feed Foundation a scam?

The Feed Foundation appears to be a legitimate organisation working towards a worthy cause. However, the constant spam calls associated with its name tarnish its image and create confusion for potential donors. Remember, if you receive a call from the Feed Foundation, it’s likely a scam.

Tips to donate safely

If you’re committed to supporting hunger relief efforts, choosing reputable charities is important. Here are some tips for making informed decisions:

  • Verify charity status: Ensure the organisation is registered as a tax-exempt non-profit with the IRS.
  • Seek out charity watchdogs: Reputable organisations like CharityWatch and GuideStar evaluate charities’ financial health, transparency, and accountability. Their ratings can be a valuable resource.
  • Give directly through verified channels: If you donate to the Feed Foundation, do so through their official website or established fundraising partners. Never give out personal information over unsolicited calls or emails.

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