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How to find contacts on Twitter?

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Social networks are built around the people you know in real life, but given the transparent and open nature of a majority of the platforms, in all likeliness, you’ll also discover some other people along the way. Twitter has come a long way from being a microblogging website to a place where people talk about things varying from entertainment to political or cultural issues.

As is true for any other social network, it helps to know a few people on the platform from the get-go too, and the good news for you is that Twitter allows users to find your phone contacts on the platform; all you need to do is sync the phone contacts to the Twitter app.

In this article, we’re going to guide you through the process of syncing contacts to the app, so that you’re able to find your contacts on Twitter.

Note that if you don’t have the relevant information to find your contact (for example, the phone number or email ID they’ve used to create their Twitter account), then syncing their contact won’t really help you in finding them. You also won’t be able to find them if they’ve turned off their account’s discoverability settings, as explained below.

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Finding contacts on Twitter

Open the Twitter app on your Android or iOS device and follow the steps mentioned below to find a contact on the app.

  • Tap on the triple horizontal bar (hamburger icon) at the top-left of the app.
  • From the menu that appears to the left of the screen, tap on Settings and privacy.
  • On the next page, tap on Privacy and safety.
  • Then scroll down and tap on Discoverability and contacts.
  • On the next page, tap on the toggle button beside Sync address book contacts (so that it turns to a bright green or blue).

Twitter will now start syncing your phone’s contacts with your account and start recommending friends on Twitter who you aren’t following.

As mentioned above, Twitter also allows users to stop others from finding them using their phone number or email. On the same Discoverability and contacts page, you’ll find two options under Discoverability, which will enable you to stop others from finding you using your phone number or email address.

If one of your contacts has disabled these two discoverability options, then you won’t be able to find them on Twitter even if you sync your contacts to the app.

If you want to stop the sync and remove your contact data from Twitter at any point, select the Remove all contacts option at the bottom of the Discoverability and contacts page.

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