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How to find IP address and WiFi password in Windows 10?

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There are plenty of times when you need to change or view the WiFi password or view the IP address. These settings are helpful when there is some network error or some hardware issue with the networking device or in case you forget the WiFi password. There are various ways in which you can find the IP address and view the WiFi password in Windows 10. Read on to know more.

Viewing IP address in Windows 10

There are different methods to view the IP address for WiFi and Ethernet. Both are very simple and require just a few clicks.

How to find IP address and WiFi password in Windows 10?

For WiFi

  • Open the taskbar and select the WiFi network you are connected to.
  • Click on Properties. In Properties, find your IP address, next to the IPv4 address.

For Ethernet

  • Open the taskbar, select your Ethernet network connection.
  • Click on Properties. In Properties, your IP address will be next to the IPv4 address.

How to find IP address and WiFi password in Windows 10?

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Viewing WiFi Password in Windows 10

By creating a Batch file

Creating a batch file to view the WiFi password is easy and does not require too many steps. To view your WiFi password, you need to know the SSID of the WiFi network which you are using.

  • To know the SSID of your WiFi, go to Settings.
  • Click on Network & Internet and then click on Status. Create a batch file.
  • Open Notepad and copy the following text.

<prenetsh wlan show profile name=”SSIDkey=clear pause

  • Replace SSID with your WiFi name and save the document with .bat extension. Remember to change the Save As type from text documents to all files.
  • Click on Save. Now, double-click on this file to open Command Prompt, which will show the WiFi password next to Key Content.

By using Windows setting

How to find IP address and WiFi password in Windows 10?To view the WiFi password through Windows setting, you just need to follow the steps below

  • Open Settings. Further, click on Network & Internet.
  • Click on Status and scroll down till you find Network and Sharing Center.
  • In the Network and Sharing Center, there will be a link attached to your WiFi name beside Connections. Click on the link to view the information about your WiFi network.
  • Click on the Wireless Properties button, which will further open a new window.
  • Select the Security tab, and you will see a Network Security key.
  • Click on the Show characters checkbox to view your WiFi password.

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