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Top 7 free VR movies

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VR movies changed entertainment by placing viewers inside a lifelike 3D world. This immersion transports us to thrilling new places to explore and interact fully. It’s a level of engagement that regular movies can’t achieve.

In VR movies, thanks to their incredible realism, you can feel like you’re really in the story. Plus, VR tech opens the door to fresh and creative ways of telling stories, like 360-degree storytelling. This innovation makes the viewing experience even more immersive and exciting.

In this article, we have listed the top seven free VR movies, including horror, animated and documentary.

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The Conjuring 2 – Enfield 360 Experience

The Conjuring is a super famous horror film. After The Conjuring 2 became a hit, they made a VR experience to make it even cooler. In this VR experience, you can go inside Hodgson’s house from the movie and look around. You’ll encounter scary things, just like the characters in the film did.

IT: Float

IT: Float is a VR adventure inspired by the famous horror movie. If you believed you could avoid Pennywise, you’re mistaken. The creepy clown returns in VR and is more terrifying than before. In this VR experience, you’ll journey through the streets of Derry, Maine, and even the sewers where the clown lurks. This is not for those who get easily scared, especially if you’re afraid of clowns.


Animation has also embraced VR movies. Invasion, a 2017 Emmy award winner directed by the creator of Madagascar, is a prime example. It tells the tale of two determined aliens aiming to conquer the world but are thwarted by an endearing bunny. There’s even a sequel called Asteroids.


ASTEROIDS! is a sequel to the Emmy award-winning movie INVASION!, created by the director of Madagascar. Join the adventures of quirky aliens Mac, Cheez, and their sidekick Peas as they face challenges in space, including menacing space bugs and asteroids. ASTEROIDS! was even selected for Sundance and received the Unity Vision Award for best virtual reality.

Surviving 9/11

Surviving 9/11 is a documentary about the last survivor of the World Trade Center attacks. This 20-minute VR documentary includes special World Trade Centre footage never seen in VR. It allows you to experience what it was like to be at ground zero during the attack.

Watch the full movie here.

Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes is a short VR movie about a dysfunctional family dealing with their grandfather’s death. The plot is all about carrying out the grandfather’s funny last wish. The wish is to turn his urn into a bomb and launch it into the sky. It stands out because you experience the entire story from the urn’s perspective.

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man is a plot-driven short film that truly comes to life in VR. It revolves around two inexperienced drug dealers who have concealed their valuable narcotics. However, they also owe a debt to Frank. Frank presents them with an escape plan involving a risky game of Russian Roulette. The movie is packed with suspense from start to finish, and it concludes with a surprising revelation that completely changes the course of the story.

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