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What does FYP mean?

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Tiktok has gained a huge number of audiences across the globe and has received appreciation from all age groups across all the countries of the world wherein the app is available. Tiktok is the most popular and famous video-sharing app that has gained popularity recently, especially among the teenagers and youth of the world.

TikTok has been one of the most popular short video content apps ever since it came out, gathering a broad audience across the globe. However, as the app grows in popularity, it’s also growing in influence.

There are a bunch of slang and acronyms that you can come across on the internet, and a lot of them have originated here. In this article, we’re going over what does FYP mean.

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What does FYP mean?

FYP essentially stands for ‘For You Page’. It’s similar to Instagram’s Explore feature, where the app suggests content based on the user’s viewing preferences.

Once you open the app, FYP is the first thing that you see in the form of a news feed or timeline, which the app creates for you based on your searches and responses generated, which are in turn based on the number of likes, comments, posted videos or searches.

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Your FYP will suggest everything that the app thinks is relevant based on your past behaviour and content it thinks you’re likely to watch and engage with more. To further tone down your FYP to suggest exactly the type of content you’d like to see, all you have to do is use the app more and engage with the content you like.

What is #FYP or #ForYouPage?

These two are among the most popular hashtags used on the app by people to get more exposure in views, likes, and comments from anonymous users.

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