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What is Ghost Spectre for Windows 11? Is it safe?

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Photo: Wachiwit /

Photo: Wachiwit /

Ghost Spectre is a modified version of Windows 11 that claims to offer a lighter and faster experience for low-end PCs.

It is not an official release from Microsoft but a custom ISO created by some third-party developers. Ghost Spectre Windows 11 Superlite is one of the variants of Ghost Spectre that removes some features and services from original Windows 11, such as telemetry, bloatware, OneDrive, Windows Security, UAC notifications, and TPM 2.0 requirement.

Moreover, the Ghost Spectre is packed with unique wallpapers and themes to increase the aesthetic appeal of the operating system. Furthermore, you can pause Windows Update up to the year 2077.

How to download Ghost Spectre Windows 11?

The Ghost Spectre Windows 11 is super light and is made for low-end PCs. So, some people might consider it a more viable option when compared to the original Windows 11.

You can search Windows 11 Ghost Spectre on Google or any other search engine, and you will get many websites offering downloadable operating system files.

When you have downloaded the ISO file and then unzip the file using any unzip program like WinRAR or 7-Zip. After that, insert a USB drive into the port and create a bootable Ghost Spectre Windows 11 drive.

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Is Ghost Spectre safe?

Ghost Spectre version of Windows 11 has its perks — it is light and free from bloatware. However, installing Ghost Spectre Windows 11 Superlite may not be safe or advisable for several reasons, three in particular.

  • First, it is not verified or supported by Microsoft, so there is no guarantee that it will work properly or receive updates and security patches.
  • Second, it may contain malware or unwanted programs that could compromise your privacy and security.
  • Third, it may violate the terms and conditions of using Windows 11, resulting in legal consequences or losing access to some features and services.

Therefore, if you want to use Windows 11 on your PC, we advise downloading and installing the official version from Microsoft’s website or using the Windows 11 Media Creation Tool.

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