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What is Is it safe?

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There are a lot of programs and apps that might seem like bloatware or malware, at first sight, especially considering malware authors often use names from legitimate services to hide their malicious programs in plain sight. 

In this article, we’re talking about, what it is, what it does, whether or not it’s safe to use and everything else you need to know.

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Simply put, Glance Intuit is a remote screen-sharing program that’s designed to help users file their taxes more efficiently. Business owners and tax professionals alike can use the website to quickly start a support session and get all the help they need. 

The software isn’t run through Voice over IP or VoIP for security reasons but users do have the option to initiate a VoIP connection in case they’re having issues with the program. It’s also completely safe to use.

The tool can be downloaded by visiting Glance’s website. Once you open the linked page, the download will automatically start and you can run the setup thereafter to get it installed on your computer. The website also facilitates asking for a pre-connect session to get assistance with Quickbooks, accounting software for small businesses. 

The Glance Intuit download page.

As for the company behind it all, Glance Networks primarily markets itself as a software development firm and caters to the financial, healthcare, software and insurance industries in the United States. 

Glance Intuit can also be used for assistance on Turbo Tax, a famous tax-preparation software used in Canada and the United States. It helps in filing tax returns for both individuals and corporations allowing users to both process and e-file their taxes. 

The software gets yearly updates to keep it relevant to any changes made in the government’s taxation structure. In addition to processing taxes, the company guarantees optimal returns and 100% accurate calculations on its premium versions. 

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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