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Google Maps will now show traffic delays and transit crowdedness

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Google Maps has been updated with two new features for end-users that will show live traffic delays for buses and predict how crowded public transits such as bus, train or subway might be based on previous rides.

Google Maps already shows real-time congestion on roads, helps you find EV charging stations, sharing live ETA, among other features, and these two add to the list to make the app a better version of itself, especially for commuters.

Both the new features will be rolled out to nearly 200 cities globally on Android and iOS on Thursday.

“Unexpected delays or overcrowded vehicles can quickly turn your ride from enjoyable to stressful. Starting today, Google Maps is rolling out two new features to help you better plan for your transit ride and stay more comfortable along the way,” the company stated.

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Google Maps will now show traffic delays and transit crowdedness
Google Maps updated with Bus delays including route congestions

The live traffic delays for buses on Google Maps will enable users to plan. Users will be able to see if a bus will be late from its scheduled time, duration of the delay, and ETA to your destination depending on the live traffic conditions on the route. The delay feature is being launched in places where Maps don’t have access to real-time information from local transit agencies.

Google Maps is also being updated with transit crowdedness prediction, which will help users to see how crowded their preferred mode of public transport — bus, train or subway — is at the time. As mentioned above in the article, this prediction will be based on past rides.

Google Maps will now show traffic delays and transit crowdedness
Transit crowdedness prediction update for Google Maps

This will potentially help users to judge whether to ride at that exact moment or wait a couple more to get a ride that might be less crowded.

Both these features neatly clubbed together can be a boon for those who take the bus often. Google has also published data related to global transit crowdedness trends, which can be found here.

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