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Google Meet Grid View not working: 4 Fixes

Google has a bunch of pretty popular services that are now being used by millions across the world. All these services see third-party support from other developers who often make mods and extensions for them.

In this article, we’re talking about the Google Meet Grid View extension and the solutions you can try out if it isn’t working for you. 

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Check the extension installation

A corrupt or incomplete extension installation can cause problems with any extension, let alone this. Head over to chrome://extensions (works for Edge as well) and check if the extension is there. If it isn’t, reinstall the extension.

Check for conflicting extensions 

At times, other extensions can conflict with your adblocker causing it to work improperly. In such cases, head over to your extensions panel using the steps mentioned above and disable all extensions except the adblocker. 

Google Meet Grid View not working: 4 Fixes | Candid.Technology

If your adblocker is working fine again, one of the extensions you disabled must’ve been conflicting with the adblocker. Try enabling your extensions one by one until your adblocker starts malfunctioning again to separate the faulty extension.

Reinstall the extension

If the steps mentioned above fail, you can try reinstalling the extension from scratch to make sure you get rid of any corrupt files that may have been causing problems with the extension’s functionality. Then, as a last resort, you try disabling the extension and enabling it back again to see if that solves your problem.

Try an alternative

A lot of users have been complaining about the extension not working even after following the steps above. If that’s the case with you, too, you can try using an alternative such as Grid View for Google Meet or Google Meet Tweak.

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