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Google leaks Pixel Fold’s NBA ad ahead of I/O 2023

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After officially confirming its first foldable Pixel, Google has now leaked a video featuring the Pixel Fold and several NBA and WNBA stars as well as comedian Druski in a tweet ahead of its anticipated announcement at Google I/O on May 10

The video, titled “Google Pixel x NBA: The Greatest Watch Party”, was linked in a now-deleted tweet from the official Google handle posted on May 9 and featured an image of MVP Joel Embiid holding the Pixel Fold. It seems like someone at Google’s social media department had slippery fingers as the tweet clearly asked readers to “check back in tomorrow” but also included a link to the video which has since been unlisted.

While the leaked video didn’t mention the foldable phone’s specifications, it did show off a number of its capabilities. It shows a simulated video call featuring Giannis Antetokounmpo seamlessly switching between the internal and external displays. When switched to the internal display and open at 90 degrees, the flat half shows controls for the Meet call and the top half shows the video call itself. 

Some camera features were also shown off, mainly how the external screen can be used as a viewfinder when using the rear cameras. Finally, a bright orange Pixel 7A also features in the background in one of the shots. 

Google has already established a relationship with the NBA, with the company creating the Pixel Arena in 2022, a virtual stadium for the users to experience the NBA. Additionally, the 2023 NBA playoffs are also sponsored by Google, appearing with a “presented by Google Pixel” banner. This isn’t the first time Google has collaborated with the NBA for a pixel ad either, with the search giant creating a similar promotional video for the Pixel 7 back in October 2023. 

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