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Google debuts Pixel Pass starting at $45/month for Pixel 6

Google introduced a new Pixel Pass plan, starting at $45 per month, which offers the new Pixel 6 smartphone, Play Pass, Youtube Premium (including Music), 200GB of Google One and preferred care coverage.

At the Pixel Fall event, Google introduced the Pixel Pass alongside the two new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices, which are available for a starting price of $599 and $899, respectively. For those who aren’t looking to splash that kind of money on a new phone, Pixel Pass comes to the rescue.

Anyone interested in buying either of the phones can pay a monthly fee using the Pixel Pass, which gets them the phone alongwith the aforementioned Google services. Moreover, people opting for the Pixel Pass will have the option to upgrade to a new Pixel phone after two years.

The Pixel Pass can be purchased at $45 per month for Pixel 6 and $55 per month for Pixel 6 Pro from the Google Store or with a Google Fi phone plan.

According to Google, subscribing through the Google Store can save people up to $294 over two years and the phone is unlocked, which means it can be used with any carrier. Subscribing through a Google Fi phone plan saves a total of $414 over two years.

If the Pixel Pass doesn’t suit someone’s needs, they can cancel the plan by paying the remaining value of the Pixel at the regular price.

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will start retailing on October 28 at all major US carriers and retailers.

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