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Google announces updates to their Privacy Sandbox commitments

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Google has updated three of their Privacy Sandbox commitments on Friday. According to Google, these new updates have been updated to ensure that this Sandbox is built in a way that supports the entire ecosystem. 

Google has continued to work with UK’s Competition and Markets Authority or CMA to address the feedback raised as part of their public consultation process. The tech giant also added that they continue to update and seek feedback from the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office and the market on their proposals. 

The updated commitments are still pending CMA acceptance. However, Google claims to apply them globally upon approval. 

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The revised commitments are as follows:

  • Monitoring and reported: The company has offered to appoint an independant Monitoring Trustee. This entity will have the required access and technical expertise needed to ensure compliance. 
  • Testing and consultation: Google has also offered CMA more extensive testing promises along with a more transparent market feedback process on the sandbox proposals. 
  • Further clarity on Google’s use of data: Finally, Google is also underscoring their commitment regarding the use of first-party personal data to track users for ad targeting and measurement. These commitments also restrict the use of Chrome browsing history and analytics to do the same on any website, whether Google or non-Google.

The Privacy Sandbox API will also be designed, developed and implemented under regulatory oversight and input from the CMA and the ICO. Google has supported ICO’s Opinion on Data Protection and privacy expectations objectives for online advertising proposals. 

It includes the importance of supporting and developing privacy-safe advertising tools that protect individual privacy and prevent covert tracking. 

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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