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Google moves search results count under the ‘tools’ menu

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Google has made a subtle yet noticeable change to its Search interface, altering how results are displayed. The company has moved the search results count to the ‘tools’ menu, which includes options like Advanced Search and additional filters.

For decades, users have been accustomed to seeing the number of search results for a given query prominently displayed on the Search page. The search results count was visible by default, appearing between search filters and the actual search results.

This number, indicating the total number of results returned by the search query, has not been concealed from immediate view. Instead of being displayed prominently, it has been relocated to a less conspicuous location, the ‘tools’ menu.

The adjustment was brought to public attention by X user @si1very, as reported by SERound Table.

While this change may seem minor in functionality, as search result counters often range in the millions or even billions, it marks a departure from a long-standing feature of Google Search. The display result count has been a fundamental aspect of the Search experience for many years, providing users with a quick overview of the breadth of results for their queries.

Google’s decision to shift the search results count to a less prominent location underlines the company’s ongoing efforts to refine and streamline the Search interface. This adjustment is also part of broader changes aimed at enhancing user experience and optimising the presentation of search results.

Google has made several recent changes aimed at improving the user experience. For instance, Google Threat Intelligence, the company’s new cybersecurity platform, combines human and AI intelligence to improve services.

Furthermore, Google expanded the passkey and cross-account protection program with other non-Google apps and services. Finally, the company allowed two apps to be installed simultaneously on the Google Play Store.

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