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What is Homeworkify? Is it legit? Top 3 alternatives

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Homeworkify is a website that helps students worldwide search for different questions and get the answers to the questions, Homeworkify gives its services for free, and that’s what its users like about it and praise it for.

In this article, we have discussed what Homeworkify is, whether it is legit or not and the top 3 alternatives for Homeworkify.

What is Homeworkify?

Homeworkify is a website that lets you search for questions and will show you the answers to the respective questions you asked. You have to paste the link in the search box available on the website, and the solutions search engine will get your answers instantly. Homeworkify also helps the kids struggling to complete their homework by giving them a step-by-step solution for the problems they have searched for.

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Is Homeworkify legit?

Based on different reviews on different platforms by its users, it has helped many people, but recently its users are facing problems in getting the answers. We have mentioned ratings by various scam detector sites.

  • site has given a 39.7% trust index rating to
  • has given a potentially legit rating to
  • has given an unsafe rating to

Top 3 Homeworkify alternatives


Symbolab is a website similar to Homeworkify, it provides solutions to the mathematical problems searched by its users and step-by-step solutions. The interface of the site is very plain, and it mainly focuses on showing the solutions for the problems searched by its users. It is a great tool for students to search for solutions to complex equations.

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Desmos is a free tool used to solve different mathematical problems, it is made for both the student and the teachers, the students can find solutions for complex equations and the teachers can find step-by-step solutions to give better explanations to their students in class.


Numerade is a virtual learning platform which allows its users to search for solutions to their problems and lets its users search for their problems by uploading a picture of the question, it has videos on different topics to help the students have a better understanding of different concepts.

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