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How long does it take to charge a PS5 controller?

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If you have recently acquired a DualSense controller by PlayStation, you might be busy playing games on it rather than wondering about its charging situation. However, running out of charge mid-game can be irritating, but before you throw your PS5 away in frustration, you should see for how long you can charge your wireless DualSense controller with or without your PS5 console or docking station before resuming your game.

In this article, we will be figuring out how long it takes to charge a PS5 controller and if this time frame is dependent on any factors.

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Charging time of PS5

The optimal duration that a PS5 will take to charge will be three hours

This time limit has been placed in case your DualSense controller runs completely out of charge, then it will take three hours approximately to charge one or two controllers placed in a docking station. A docking station is a new accessory released by PlayStation where you can place two controllers without the requirement of any cable. If you have two controllers, then you can use the other one while one is placed on charge. They have a charging connector on which you can align and place the DualSense controllers with the charging terminal.

If you are using a console, you can always keep your controller connected via a cable to the console while playing any game.

An orange light bar on your PS5 controller will light up when you place it on charging. Remove your controller after the orange light bar has disappeared and your PS5 is ready to use. If your DualSense controller is taking longer than usual to charge, then you should contact PS5 support to troubleshoot this issue.

How to charge your PS5?

If you are confused about your charging techniques or the right equipment to charge your PS5 then read below to find out:

Charging via a docking station

As mentioned before, if you have a docking station, then you have to make sure that you align the charging connector on the docking station with the charging terminal on your PS5 controller and when you do you should hear a clicking sound. If there is no click sound, then press gently on your controller till you hear one.

You can charge your docking station by connecting the AC adapter to the AC power cord which will later be plugged into an electrical socket for supply. Now, before you do that, connect your AC adapter to the DC IN connector present on your docking station. After all the connections are secure, plug in your AC cord into an electric socket.

Charging via a PS5 console

If you have a PS5 console instead of a docking station, then a cable that connects USB-C to USB-A will be provided as well. Connect your controller to the console using the cable by attaching one end to the USB port at the back of the controller and the other end to the front of the console.

Charging via random device

If you don’t have a PS5 console then, you can buy the cable which can connect your controller to a device that is directly connected to a power supply. Directly charging from an electric outlet can be harmful to your PS5 controller due to overcharging or extra-power supply which can soon damage the controller in the long run. Make sure that the charging cable has a USB-C and a USB-A end.

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