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How to create a table in Google Sheets?

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Google Sheets is a powerful and user-friendly spreadsheet application that allows you to create and customise tables easily. Tables are an essential tool for organizing and analyzing data. Whether you’re tracking expenses, creating a project plan, or need to organize your data, creating a table in Google Sheets is a simple process that will make your data more organised and easier for viewers to read.

In this guide, we have discussed creating a table in Google Sheets to help you create one in a few simple and easy steps.

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Creating a table in Google Sheets

If you want to know how to create a table in your spreadsheet on Google Sheets, then follow the steps below.

The spreadsheets in Google Sheets are already in tabular form, so you need to format your data in a way that makes the table in your Google Sheets look better. We have mentioned some common formatting tips to make your data look better and easily understood.

Edit the Header rows

Make your header rows bold and centre-align the value so that it stands out. It might be possible that the data in the table might exceed the screen view, so you have to scroll, make sure that the header row is the first row in the Google sheet and then freeze it, which will allow the header row to remain on top even if you scroll down to view the data. To know how to bold the text, follow the step below.

Step: Select the header row and click on the toolbar’s B icon.

Align data in the table

Aligning the data will make it look tidy. Although Google Sheets have default alignment for texts, numbers and dates, you can always change it according to your preferences. Centre aligning your data will make it look clean and easy to read the data. To know how to align the data in Google Sheets follow the step below.

Step: Select the data below the header and click on the Horizontal align icon in the toolbar and select the alignment you want for your data. Please refer to the image below if you have any doubts.

Colour the text and background in columns and rows

You can use colours to highlight texts in rows and columns. If you want to highlight the text in a particular cell, row, column or whole sheet, use colours to make it stand out.


To highlight text in a row, column, or whole sheet, follow the step below.

Step: Select the data of the row and/or of the column and then click on the A icon with a bar below it and choose the colour you want to choose for the text.

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