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How to delete a Jira comment?

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Atlassian Jira is an agile project management and bug tracking tool. One can create and manage personal, commercial and development projects on Jira. All users can submit issues, manage user stories and epics that hold the business requirements, track the defects, and supervise the overall progress of your project. Also, a user can add and delete comments on a Jira ticket.

When working with user stories and defects in Jira, users update the tickets with feedback, observations, or query responses to make progress. Sometimes a user may need to edit or remove a comment from the issue. Jira provides a user with the capability to do that. It gives the privilege of granting permissions for managing the comments to the project administrators only.

Only a Project Administrator or a Jira Administrator is authorised to grant and revoke the permissions to edit and govern the comments on issues raised within the project for any user. Without proper permissions, a user will not be able to supervise the comments on their accounts.

A user should have the permission ‘Delete Own Comments’ in the project to delete their comments from an issue raised in Jira. Moreover, a user can also modify and delete other users’ comments from a user story if they have the ‘Delete All Comments’ permission granted for their Jira account in the project.

Find out more about deleting the comments in Jira by reading below.

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Deleting a comment in Jira

As mentioned already, a user should have the appropriate permissions to delete the comments from an issue. Repeat the below steps to remove the comments:

Step 1: Locate the comment you want to delete under the specific Jira ticket.

How to delete a Jira comment?

Step 2: Click on the Delete option below the comment.

How to delete a Jira comment?

Step 3: Click on the Delete button to confirm your action.

How to delete a Jira comment?

Your comment will no longer be available under the issue.

How to delete a Jira comment?

You can also follow the above steps to delete the comments made by other users, provided you have the appropriate set of permissions in Jira.

How to delete a Jira comment?

Additionally, it is possible to track the comment history records under the History tab. This shows details like who deleted the comment and when.

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