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How to enter the referral code in Helo app?

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The Helo app’s referral program entices new and existing users with the promise of rewards. Whether joining the platform for the first time or looking to spread the word among friends, understanding how to enter a referral code is crucial to unlocking these benefits.

This article discusses things you should prepare before applying the referral code and the steps to enter the referral code.

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Before you begin

Some important things before you proceed to apply the referral code:

  • Download and Install: Ensure you’ve downloaded the Helo app and set it up on your phone or tablet. You can grab it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Referral code ready: Have your friend’s unique referral code on hand. They can usually find this code within the Helo app settings or using its referral-sharing function.

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How to enter the referral code for new users?

  • Launch the app: Open the Helo app on your device.
  • New user signup: If you’re a new user, you’ll be greeted by a signup screen. Choose your preferred registration method, including using your phone number, social media login (Facebook, Google, etc.), or email address (depending on the app’s current options).
  • Referral code field: During signup, look for a designated field labelled ‘Referral Code’ or ‘Invite Code.’ This is where you’ll meticulously enter the code provided by your friend.
  • Complete registration: Once you’ve accurately entered the code, proceed with the remaining signup steps as instructed by the app. This might involve creating a username, setting a password, and potentially verifying your account details.

If you’re already a Helo user, you likely won’t be able to enter a referral code. Referral programs typically only apply to new users creating their first accounts. However, it’s always a good idea to check the app’s settings or promotions section periodically. Helo may occasionally run special promotions that allow existing users to participate in referral programs under specific circumstances.

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