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How to find a lost Apple Pencil?

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The Apple Pencil is an invaluable tool for iPad users, enabling precision and creativity in various tasks. However, its slim design can make it prone to getting misplaced. Moreover, Apple doesn’t offer Find My support for Apple Pencil, which quickly goes offline when on standby to save battery. This makes it all the more difficult to find the Apple Pencil, which is as good as a traditional pencil when lost — no tech can help you find it.

If you have lost your Apple Pencil, worry not, as there are tips that can increase your chances of locating your misplaced device. Here are some tips that might help you find your lost Apple Pencil.

Tips to help you find your Apple Pencil

These tips might seem obvious and simple to you, but as we all know, when we lose something, we miss even the most simple details that might help us find it.

Retrace your steps

Begin by retracing your recent movements. Think about the last time you used your Apple Pencil and revisit those locations. Check your desk, bedside table, or any other place you commonly use your device. Given the nature of Apple Pencil when away from the iPad, your eyes are probably the best bet at finding the lost pencil.

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Check Bluetooth connections

Check the Bluetooth settings on your iPad. Go to Settings > Bluetooth and check the My Devices section. If your Pencil shows as Connected, you should be within about 30 feet of it. That’s the Bluetooth range. Remember that this range may decrease with obstacles like thick walls between you and your Pencil.

This will only work if you’ve been using the Pencil actively and have recently misplaced it — per se, a few minutes ago. As mentioned above, the Apple Pencil quickly sleeps to conserve battery when not in active use.

So, if the Pencil is still connected to your Bluetooth, chances are it’s not any further than 30 feet in an open space or 10 feet in close-walled environments.

Use the Bluetooth finder app

There are many Bluetooth finder apps available on the Apple app store. Most of these apps are paid, but a few apps will let you find the Apple Pencil for free. The Bluetooth finder apps will assist you in locating your Apple Pencil by connecting to its wireless signal. However, It’s important to remember that the Bluetooth finder apps won’t be able to find it if the Apple Pencil is out of battery or too far away.

More importantly, you’ll have to give these apps permissions that you might not want to and data too.

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