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How to make wood in Little Alchemy?

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The earth is made up of many elements, some being as basic as fire, earth, water, and air. In an online game called ‘Little Alchemy’, you can combine these four basic elements. They can mix up to create anything including more naturally occurring phenomena.

Little Alchemy comes with many tricks to form various elements. In this article, we will be discussing how wood is made by combining multiple elements. Fret not, as our stepwise guide will open many more transformations for you.

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Make haste to make wood

We will be showing you how you can achieve making wood starting from the four basic elements:

Step 1: Click on the Fire element and drag it to the center of the screen. Do the same for the Air element and drop it directly over the Fire element. The reward will be the formula for Energy.

How to make wood in Little Alchemy?

Step 2: Similarly, combine the Earth and Water elements. The result will be Mud.

How to make wood in Little Alchemy?

Step 3: Now, likewise you can combine Water with Air and Earth with Fire. The result will be Rain and Lava, respectively.

How to make wood in Little Alchemy?

Step 4: By adding Rain to Earth, you will get a Plant. Make sure not to add Air to Earth, as you will get Dust.

How to make wood in Little Alchemy?

Step 5: On adding the Air element to Lava, you will unlock the Stone element.

How to make wood in Little Alchemy?

Step 6: Simultaneously, you can add Fire and Air to Stone to get Metal and Sand, respectively.

How to make wood in Little Alchemy?

Step 7: You can combine the Sand with Fire element to get Glass. After this you can choose and drop Sand again, on the Glass. This will give two results, Hourglass and Time. Drop a Plant on top of Time to get a Tree.

How to make wood in Little Alchemy?

Step 8: Now, clear up your screen by clicking on a ‘recycle’ icon at the bottom right. Click on Water element and drag the Mud icon over. Combining them will give you Swamp.

To this, you add the formula for Energy and you will produce the DNA strands representative of Life. Drag and drop over the Earth element on top of Life. This will result into Human.

How to make wood in Little Alchemy?

Step 9: Get ready as here comes the final push to get that wood. Clear your screen as mentioned in the previous step.

  • Click on the Human icon and drag it over to the blank screen, then do the same with Metal icon. You will get the Tool element.
  • With the tools, you can cut the Tree to get Wood. So combine, the Tool icon with the Tree icon to make Wood.
How to make wood in Little Alchemy?

You can create many such magical combinations to make hundreds of elements. It is as simple as acquiring some tools in real life to cut a tree and get some wood. Little Alchemy begins you off with basic elements, making you wonder and alter the way you think. It can be surprisingly addictive.

You can make many items by combining them with Wood:

  • Wood with Tool gives Wheel. Adding Water to Wheel gives Waterwheel.
  • Wood with Water gives Boat.
  • Wood with Wheel gives Cart.
  • Wood with Metal creates Hammer.
  • Wood with Human builds a House. On addition of Wood again the House makes a Log Cabin.
  • Wood with Life icon gives Pinocchio.
  • Wood with Blade gives Axe.

Once this game gets you hooked, you keep going till you discover all of the 580 elements. It is available on their website, Playstore as well as an extension on the Chrome browser. It is also available in nine languages.

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