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How to single-click restart Chrome Tabs without losing open tabs

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Google's Advanced Protection Program now covers Chrome

Google Chrome comes with exciting features which are usually unknown to users. It is imperative for users to know these tools for a quick solution.

Sometimes, it happens that the Chrome tabs become unresponsive and you will need to close Chrome and then restart it. Most of the time, there will be a Restore Tab option, which, upon clicking, will restore all the previous tabs. But what will you do when the Restore Tab option is unavailable after restarting?

In this article, we will talk about how can you go to your previously opened tabs if Chrome crashed previously and that too, with a single click.

How to restart Chrome without losing the previously opened tabs? 

This trick will use the Bookmark service as well as one internal command of Chrome. Bookmark allows you to save the web page for quick later access. Chrome also has a set of internal commands which perform various functions depending on user requirements.

The steps are as follows.

  • Right-click on the Bookmark bar. (If the Bookmark bar is unavailable, press Ctrl+Shift+B to activate it).

How to restart Chrome without losing tabs in a single click

  • On the drop-down menu, click on Add Page, after which an Edit Bookmark box will open.How to restart Chrome without losing tabs in a single click
  • Name the bookmark. For example, we have named it Chrome Restart Guide.
  • On the URL section of the Edit Bookmark box, enter chrome://restart, and save the changes.
  • After you are done, the Chrome Restart Guide will be shown on the Bookmark bar.How to restart Chrome without losing tabs in a single click
  • Just click on Chrome Restart Guide to open all the previous tabs.

Now that you have learned this trick, we present you with a bonus Chrome trick.

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Bonus trick

Do you know that Chrome allows you to play T-Rex Run offline? All you have to do is press Space or Up-Arrow button to play the game offline when there is no internet connection. The game is simple — you will have to cross hurdles and make high scores.

If you wish to play the game in full screen, type the following in your Chrome browser’s address bar: chrome://dino/

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