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How to stop websites from displaying ‘show notification’ pop up?

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Aren’t pop-ups annoying? Sometimes browsing through the web becomes a test of our patience. From location access requests to ads covering content, everything seems so disturbing. But do you know what’s the most annoying thing? Pop-ups asking you for permission to send more pop-ups in the form of notifications. Are you seeking a way to get rid of this? Thankfully, we have found a way by which you can stop these ‘show notification’ pop-ups for life.

Here are the steps to turn these pop-ups off in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari web browsers:

Stop pop-up notifications in Google Chrome

Step1: Click on the (three-dots) menu icon in Chrome’s upper-right corner and open Settings.How to stop websites from displaying 'show notification' pop up?Step 2: Scroll down and click on Advanced option and then click on the Site Settings option.How to stop websites from displaying 'show notification' pop up?

Step 3: Click on Notifications.Click on the Site Settings optionStep 4: Click on the toggle beside Ask before sending (recommended) option. This will make the toggle turn from blue to grey and the text will to change to Blocked.Click on the Site Settings option Following this, the websites you visit won’t show a pop-up asking you to sign-up for more pop-ups.Click on the Site Settings option Also read: How to manage app permissions on Windows 10?

Stop pop-up notifications in Mozilla Firefox

Himanshu Nimje

Himanshu Nimje