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How to turn off vibration on iPhone?

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Apple makes some of the best phones on the planet as evident by the crazy popularity that iPhones have. These are high-quality devices that nail every aspect of a phone from the software experience to the premium hardware. Even small details like haptics are excellent on iPhones. 

However, should you grow tired of your iPhone vibrating every time you get an alert, there’s a quick way of disabling vibration on your iPhone.

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Disabling iPhone vibrations

If you want to turn off the vibration on your iPhone, just follow these steps. 

  • Head over to your iPhone’s settings, scroll down and tap the Sounds & Haptics option. 
  • Under Vibrate, you’ll see two options — Vibrate on Ring and Vibrate on Silent. These options control whether or not your phone vibrates when you get an alert whether your ringer is enabled or your phone is on silent. You can toggle these sliders to match your preferences as to when (and if) you want your iPhone to vibrate. 

And that’s all that there is to disable the vibration on your iPhone. Should you want to enable the setting again later, just follow the steps mentioned above again and enable the sliders to match your preferences. 

Disabling all iPhone vibrations

Keep in mind that the aforementioned settings only disable vibrations on regular alerts. Several notifications, especially live-saving ones such as for earthquakes, tsunamis and other emergency alerts will still make your phone vibrate. 

In case you’d like to disable these and by extension, all vibrations on your device, follow these steps.

  • Head over to your iPhone’s settings. Find and tap the Accessibility option.
  • Tap Touch.
  • Disable the Vibration slider. 

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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