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How to unfollow everyone on Instagram at once?

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Facebook-owned Instagram is one of the biggest social networking websites in the world today. Launched in October 2010 as a photo-sharing micro-blogging platform, Instagram rose to fame within a few months with a record of 1 million users by December 2010. Following the acquisition by Facebook in 2012, its popularity grew even more and as currently, it boasts of more than a billion monthly active users.

Many profiles on Instagram are business profiles which want to grow. The quickest way to grow on Instagram is following a targeted audience and expecting a follow back from them. Instagram has been quite strict towards mass following and unfollowing. The company keeps an eye on the users who spam other Instagram accounts by mass following and unfollowing and temporarily disables the accounts or eventually, deletes them.

According to Instagram, it is safe to unfollow up to 200 users in an hour and up to 1000 users in a day. But isn’t it a tedious job to unfollow a 1000 users one by one? What if a software does this for you?

Here we have found three effective and trusted tools which you can use to mass unfollow accounts on Instagram.

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Unfollow App

How to unfollow everyone on Instagram at once? 4 ways that might helpThis is a beautiful application with a simplistic UI, where you can unfollow 50 accounts at once. To ensure that your Instagram account doesn’t get disabled, this app allows you to unfollow another 50 accounts only after 30 minutes. This application also works in the background and is the best application for unfollowing people on Instagram.

You can find the Unfollow app here.

Followers App

How to unfollow everyone on Instagram at once? 4 ways that might help

This application is also very effective in unfollowing Instagram accounts. However, it has some drawbacks when compared to the Unfollow App. We can unfollow up to 20 accounts with a tap. It does not have any restrictions in regard to the number of accounts you unfollow, but you’ll have to restart the application every time you unfollow a total of 200 accounts. Your account might get temporarily disabled if you misuse this app.

You can find the Followers app here.

Social Steeze

How to unfollow everyone on Instagram at once? 4 ways that might helpThis is an online platform that uses the power of artificial intelligence to maintain and grow your Instagram account without getting it disabled or deleted. It is a paid platform and does not require any human interaction. All you have to do is provide the username and password, and it will do its task over the period of time.

You can find Social Steeze here.

Note that the apps and website mentioned above might require your login credentials — username and password — to help you unfollow people on Instagram. Typically, before you handover the details, it’s recommended to turn on two-factor verification on your account, but if you do that then these apps won’t be able to function. So, keep in mind that while using these apps, your account security is at a potential risk. In order to mitigate this, make sure you’ve turned on the 2FA of your email account associated with Instagram. That will ensure a speedy account recovery in case of any discrepancy.

The coding hack

Apart from the above, you can take the risk of unfollowing all the Instagram users on the cost of your account being disabled. To unfollow all the users, follow these steps:

  • Go to the followers’ tab.
  • Scroll down until you can’t scroll any more, i.e., nearly 10 pages.
  • Open the JavaScript console.
  • Add this code:

var $btns = $(“.follow-button”)
, to = 0;

$.each($btns, function(i, x){
}, to);

to += 400;

So, will you take the risk of your account getting disabled or you are happy with unfollowing 200 accounts per hour? Let us know in the comments section.

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Himanshu Nimje

Himanshu Nimje