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11 best introduction messages for WhatsApp

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Wwith its ease of use and widespread popularity, WhatsApp has become a primary mode of communication for billions around the globe. Whether it’s connecting with friends, family, or colleagues, WhatsApp serves as a platform for instant messaging, sharing media, and even making voice and video calls. However, starting a conversation on WhatsApp, especially with someone new, can sometimes feel daunting. Crafting the perfect introduction message can make all the difference in breaking the ice and initiating a meaningful conversation.

Looking for good introduction messages? This article lists the 11 best introduction messages for various settings in WhatsApp.

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11 Introduction messages for WhatsApp

The Familiar Face

If you and the person you’re reaching out to have a friend or acquaintance in common, it’s a good idea to bring that up when you introduce yourself. This establishes a connection and makes the conversation feel less awkward.

Example: Hi [Name], This is [Your Name]. We met through [Mutual Friend’s Name] at [Event/Place]. How are you doing?

The Direct Approach

Be straightforward and state your purpose for reaching out. This is ideal for professional settings or following up on a previous interaction.

Example: Hi [Name], This is [Your Name] from [Company/Source]. I’m following up on our conversation regarding [Topic].

The Playful Opener

Use a lighthearted joke or anecdote to grab their attention and create a casual atmosphere.

Example: Hi [Name], This is [Your Name]. I’m finally reaching out because my phone kept autocorrecting your name to [Funny Nickname]. How can I help you today?

The Reference Point

Mention a recent event, shared interest, or something specific to their profile picture or status to personalise your message.

Example: Hi [Name], This is [Your Name]. I saw your amazing picture from [Location]. I’ve always wanted to visit there, How was your trip?

The Helpful Hand

Offer assistance if you know they’re facing a challenge or need information related to your expertise.

Example: Hi [Name], This is [Your Name]. I noticed you were asking about [Topic] on your status. I happen to have some experience in that area. Happy to help if you need it.

The Intriguing Question

Spark their curiosity with an open-ended question that invites conversation and reveals something about yourself.

Example: Hi [Name], This is [Your Name]. I’m always fascinated by [Shared Interest]. What’s your favourite aspect of it?

The Appreciation Approach

Compliment them genuinely on something specific, like their work, talent, or contribution to a group chat.

Example: Hi [Name], This is [Your Name]. I really enjoyed your [Work/Contribution]. I’ve always admired your [Skill/Quality].

The Emoji Enhancer

Use emojis cautiously to add personality and reflect the tone of your message, but avoid overdoing it.

Example: Hi [Name], This is [Your Name]. How are you doing today?

The Group Chat Greeting

If entering a group chat, introduce yourself briefly and mention how you know the group or the purpose of joining.

Example: Hi everyone, This is [Your Name]. [Friend/Colleague] added me to the group. Excited to connect.

The Remember Me message

If you haven’t spoken in a while, jog their memory with a gentle reminder of your previous interaction.

Example: Hi [Name], This is [Your Name]. It’s been a while, How are you doing? I hope you remember me from [Previous Interaction].

The Respectful Request

If unsure about the nature of your relationship, politely ask for permission to connect.

Example: Hi [Name], This is [Your Name]. I apologise if this is unexpected, but I came across your contact and wanted to connect. Is that alright?

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