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Is DailyMotion safe? 

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DailyMotion is an online streaming and video-sharing platform with a massive 300 million monthly user base. Although this is nothing near YouTube’s monthly visits, DailyMotion is a viable alternative, especially for those videos that fail to pass YouTube’s community guidelines.

However, many people wonder if DailyMotion is a safe website or not. If you are among this group of people, don’t worry, as in this article, we’re here to answer this question.

Yes, DailyMotion is safe to browse and use.

To give credence to our statement, we’ll provide a few examples. We will scan the domain name on various platforms such as Virustotal, threatYeti and Sucuri.

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When we scanned the DailyMotion domain name on VirusTotal, we found it was given a green signal from all the security vendors. This indicates that there is nothing wrong with the website, and you can confidently browse videos on it. However, we decided to run the domain name through two other platforms.


When we scanned DailyMotion on threatYeti, we found that the platform gave a very low-risk rating to the streaming website. You can check out the screenshot above.

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Finally, to give our statement more weight, we ran on Sucuri. The results are in front of you that show that DailyMotion is quite safe.

Sucuri declares that it found no malware on DailyMotion and gave a low-security risk rating, which is quite good. YouTube and other big tech platforms also have the same ratings.

All that being said, in 2014, several users had reported that DailyMotion was serving malware on the platform. However, the latest scans present no such threat.

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Is DailyMotion appropriate for kids?

Like any other social media platform, there have been questions about whether DailyMotion is safe for kids.

Fortunately, DailyMotion has a child protection policy that prohibits child abuse or sexualisation of minors on the platform. You can also report potentially harmful videos, and the team will restrict the contents.

The platform has a restricted mode feature that the video uploader can turn on to prevent sensitive users from accessing the content. If a video uploader believes the video is sensitive and doesn’t turn on the restricted mode, it will violate DailyMotion’s Prohibited Content Policy.

So, in a way, DailyMotion is quite safe for kids. However, you should always take precautions if your kid is on social media platforms.

In conclusion, DailyMotion is a safe platform for users of all ages. You should take security precautions such as installing an antivirus on your device to protect yourself.

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