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Is Ebooktrip a scam?

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If you’ve been searching for budget-friendly flights online, might have caught your attention. This website promises unbeatable deals on airfare, accommodations, car rentals, and more.

However, the question remains: is Ebooktrip a scam or a legitimate travel agency? In this article, we’ll delve into this question in detail.

Analysing Ebooktrip

If we dive into online reviews and reports, it becomes clear that Ebooktrip is far from trustworthy. Numerous customers on different platforms have voiced concerns about the platform.

Customers’ grievances range from being charged more than the initially advertised price to sudden flight cancellations without prior notification. Furthermore, customers have questioned the quality of customer service of Ebooktrip, with many struggling to secure refunds for their bookings.

Moreover, several customers recounted their experiences of Ebooktrip representatives attempting to coerce them into paying extra or settling for less favourable flights.

For instance, look at this comment by a disillusioned customer on Trustpilot, “We thought we found a steal for a flight to Mexico, but similar to other reviews, this turned out to be a scam. Within hours, they emailed us about an urgent issue, resulting in an additional $200 charge for one of the two tickets. They claimed someone else booked at the same time. We cancelled through them and rebooked directly with a reliable airline. Stay away!”

Additionally, some users complained that booking the flight took them over thirty minutes.

Ebooktrip currently has a rating of 3.1 based on 131 reviews on Trustpilot, with 47% of customers giving a five-star rating and about 41% giving a poor one-star rating to the service.

On Scamadvisor, Ebooktrip has a low trust score, only 25 out of 100. Scamadvisor assesses websites for their credibility based on 40 data points. Here are some positive indicators about Ebooktrip on Scamadvisor:

  • Valid SSL certificate
  • Trend Micro trust certification
  • No presence of malware

However, there are certain negative highlights too:

  • The website’s owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS.
  • A lot of negative reviews.

It is still difficult to precisely assess whether Ebooktrip is a scam or a legit website. In the next section, we’ll analyse the privacy policy of the website and then we will give you our final verdict.

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Analysing the privacy policy of Ebooktrip

Here are the main points of Ebooktrip’s privacy policy:

  • The website uses cookies and tracking technologies to identify users, customize ad content, and enhance user experiences across the internet.
  • Ebooktrip uses a high-grade encryption key (AES with 128 and 256-bit secret keys) in all the transactions.
  • The website stores your personally identifiable information that you can delete by emailing the website.
  • Ebooktrip can use third-party service providers may conduct surveys, sweepstakes, and contests, using personal information only for the intended purpose.

The privacy policy seems alright but lacks the data-retention period and data-sharing circumstances.

In conclusion, we will advise you to avoid Ebooktrip for now. It is still difficult to assess whether Ebooktrip is a scam or if they are facing business problems. But looking at the reviews and comments, we can say that although the business does not seem to be a scam, it is not following the best practices yet.

For customers wanting to book flight tickets, you can opt for other websites for now or at least until Ebooktrip ups its game.

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