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Is Opera GX safe?

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As cyber threats and vulnerabilities increase, people naturally worry about keeping their personal details, browsing history, and online security. Amid this concern, a web browser created especially for gamers has become popular, Opera GX. Developed by the widely recognised browser developer Opera Software, Opera GX claims to cater to the gaming community while prioritising security. But the question remains: Is Opera GX safe?

In this article, we have discussed what Opera GX is, its security and privacy features and whether it is safe to use.

What is Opera GX?

Developed by Opera Software, Opera GX is a browser tailored to the gaming community. It offers a suite of features to enhance the gaming experience, including a GX Control Panel for resource management, customisable themes, built-in Twitch integration, and access to popular gaming news.

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Security and Privacy


Opera GX comes equipped with integrated ad-blocker and tracker prevention tools. These features enhance browsing speed by reducing unnecessary content and mitigating the risk of encountering malicious advertisements or tracking mechanisms often associated with online threats. Opera GX contributes to a safer browsing experience by blocking intrusive ads and trackers.

Built-in VPN

One of the standout security features of Opera GX is its built-in VPN (Virtual Private Network). While SurfEasy, a third-party provider, provides the VPN, it adds anonymity and privacy to users’ online activities. The VPN can help users circumvent geo-restrictions, providing access to content that might be blocked in their region and shielding their IP addresses from potential attackers.

Malware and Phishing Protection

Opera GX detects and block access to known malicious websites. Additionally, the browser employs anti-phishing measures to warn users about potentially harmful sites that aim to steal sensitive information, such as login credentials or financial data. This proactive approach contributes to a safer browsing environment.

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Privacy concerns

Although Opera GX is quite secure for online security, it faces certain privacy concerns. Opera’s Privacy Statement hints at data collection and sharing with third-party services, including Google and Yandex. These companies are known for gathering user data. The browser also shares data with various platforms like Facebook and Google ads. While Opera anonymises its collected data, third-party services may collect your information.

Some features in Opera GX are convenient but not privacy-friendly. The GX Corner tracks your gaming news preferences, while integrated messaging services could expose your data to companies like Meta. Moreover, the browser’s affiliation with the Nine Eyes Alliance and its ownership structure in different countries raise legal and privacy concerns.

Is it Safe?

Yes, Opera GX is safe to use. Like any other software, no browser is completely free from possible weaknesses. Regarding online security measures and practices, Opera GX is a secure browser. If your primary concern is maintaining safety while browsing the internet, opting for Opera GX is a good decision. However, If safeguarding your privacy is your priority, we wouldn’t recommend using Opera GX as your primary browser.

While people’s views on browser safety might differ, Opera GX’s array of protective tools establishes it as a reliable and secure choice among today’s web browsers.

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