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Is Slick app safe?

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Slick, a social media app launched in India in late 2022, has gained popularity among teenagers and college students for its focus on anonymity and compliment-based interactions. However, a major security breach in February 2023 exposed the personal information of over 150,000 users, including children, raising concerns about the app’s safety.

This article discusses the data leak incident, Slick’s response, security considerations, and whether it is safe.

The Data leak incident

Security researchers at discovered a misconfigured database containing user information like full names, phone numbers, dates of birth, and profile pictures. This sensitive data was left publicly accessible online without a password for months. Slick took action to secure the database shortly after being contacted by TechCrunch.

Due to a configuration error, anyone familiar with the database’s IP address could access it, containing records of over 153,000 users at the time of securing. TechCrunch also noted that the database was accessible via a subdomain on Slick’s main website, which was easily guessable.

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Slick’s response

While Slick claims to prioritise user safety and emphasises a secure environment, the data leak exposed a significant vulnerability. The company has not publicly addressed the extent of the breach or the measures taken to prevent future incidents. While Slick has addressed the database leak, it highlights the potential risks users face.

Security considerations

Despite the data leak, Slick maintains that it doesn’t allow direct messaging or media sharing, potentially limiting the spread of negativity. However, the app still collects user data, including location and financial information.

Is Slick safe?

The lack of transparency surrounding the data leak and the collection of personal information raises doubts about Slick’s safety.

While the focus on compliments and anonymous polls might seem appealing, the potential risks for users, especially minors, cannot be ignored.

For those seeking a safe online social space, consider platforms with robust security measures and parental controls. If you choose to use Slick, be cautious about the information you share and be mindful of potential online predators.

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