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Is Steamrip safe?

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As a gaming lover, you may be concerned regarding the safety of Steamrip. You might ask questions like ‘Is Steamrip safe?’ or ‘Can I get a virus from Steamrip?’

SteamRip is a website that offers free, pre-installed versions of popular Steam games. It’s a controversial service, as it allows users to download games without paying for them, while some people see it as a way to access games they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

Many others see it as piracy that hurts the game developers. In this article, we’ll discuss one specific topic: How safe is Steamrip?

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Safety assessment of Steamrip

Usually, we go by trusted tools and services such as Trustpilot, Scamadvisor and Scam Detector.

Trustpilot assessment

Streamrip gets a respectable rating of 4 out of 5 on Trustpilot based on 13 user reviews.

Out of the 13 reviews, 53% of users gave a 5-star rating, while 8% gave a measly one-star rating to the website.

Let us look at a comment:

“It’s pretty good; I downloaded 9 games with no viruses or issues, and the games run smoothly. They keep adding new games quickly. However, there are pretty long loading times.”

Most users complained about the slow downloading speed. Users have also checked the downloaded games with antivirus and found them safe.

Scamadvisor assessment

Steamrip fares quite well on the Scamadvisor assessment with a trust score of 77/100.

As per Scamadvisor, “ is probably not a scam but legit. We analysed the website and came up with a review of of 77%. These trust scores are given to websites with a medium to low risk.”

Scam Detector assessment

Streamrip fates not so well in the Scam Detector’s assessment. The website received a score of only 39.5/100, which is surprising as the other assessments gave Streamrip a respectable score.

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Analysis of the privacy policy of Steamrip

Let us take a look at Steamrip’s privacy policy. It will help in further deciding whether Steamrip is safe or not.

The website collects data from the comments, IP addresses, and browser user agent string for spam detection.

Steamrip collects commenting cookies, login page cookies, login information cookies, and editing or publishing cookies. These include login information, email address, and screen display choices. Depending on the cookies, the company holds the information for two days to two years.

There is a lack of information on specific third-party services, their privacy policies, and how they handle user data.

On a deeper analysis of the privacy policy, we found certain gaps:

  • The policy lacks details on specific third-party services.
  • The policy does not elaborate on the security measures to protect user data, which is crucial for user trust.
  • There is no information on how the website would respond to and mitigate the impact of data breaches.
  • There is no information on an opt-out process.

The privacy policy lacks some crucial aspects and doesn’t look that refined. We don’t recommend using your usual email address while signing up or commenting on this website.

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How safe is Steamrip?

If you consciously want to venture into the grey areas of piracy, you can download pre-installed games from Steamrip.

Turn on your adblocker and VPN to protect your privacy. Do not use your work email for any service on the website. There are hundreds of comments on Reddit and other forums affirming that the website is safe and has no malware.

However, on a deeper analysis, we found a few comments detailing a few malicious files in some games. This is what the company has to say about the viruses in their game:

“Many anti-virus programs detect game files as a “virus” because the game files contain cracked files which make the game run. Many of these anti-virus companies get paid to do this, so you buy the game instead. To prevent this, disable your antivirus and re-extract the .zip file, and the game will run. Every game on this site was tested on our computers, so you can be assured that it’s not a real virus. Anything your A.V. may tell you is a false positive.”

We advise downloading the game from authorised sources such as the real Steam website to avoid tension about the malicious game files. However, if you download the game from Steamrip, never turn off your antivirus. If the game has malicious files, try another game or head to another website.

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