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Is Typeerror a syntax error?

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Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, especially in the realm of web development, while Python is more of an all-rounder language that’s just as popular. However, while they’re quite easy to pick up, they can be rather confusing at times especially given the number of errors you can come across from doing the smallest mistakes. 

In this article, we’re talking about what are typeerrors in programming languages and whether they indicate a syntax error. 

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What is a Typeerror?

Javascript raises a typeerror when the value of a function or variable is of an unexpected type, hence the name, ‘type’ error. This goes for both Javascript and Python. In Python, you can also see the error when you try to reference an uncallable data type in a function. Regardless, the cause of the error boils down to the interpreter seeing an unexpected value or data type. 

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Type errors are different from syntax errors. The former is caused by using an incorrect object or data type, while the latter is caused by using incorrect symbols, formatting or general mistake in writing code. There are several places where you might see one and expect the other though. For example, look at the line of code mentioned below. 

print("Average =" (sum/count)

The aforementioned Python line looks like it should produce a syntax error, considering a comma is missing. However, when you put it through the interpreter, you’ll get a typeerror. This happens because Python treats brackets () as a function call and since strings aren’t callable, you get a type error. 

This can of course change based on where you see the error and in which language, so context and understanding the code is very important when it comes to diagnosing these issue. 

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