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What does JFC mean?

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If you are looking for a term or acronym that can perfectly describe your exaggerated feelings? Well, then we’ve got you covered. JFC stands for “Jesus Fu*king Christ.”

It is a very commonly used internet slang that people extensively use over text messages. But since it has the F-word along with it, many people are of the opinion that this is some abusive word that shouldn’t be used at all.

Any expression used with the F-word indeed makes it sound like swearing, so a person must use this slang carefully.

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Where can you use JFC?

Since JFC contains the F-word, you must be very careful regarding its usage — when and where.

When to use

  • You can use this acronym in group chats or while you are texting with your friends.
  • Try using this acronym with people from your own age group because chances are they’ll realise the context of the conversation and not be offended by you.
  • You can use it on your social media.

When not to use

The acronym shouldn’t be used in any serious or non-casual situation. Even if you’re with your colleagues, we’d advise you to refrain from using the term,

Here’s an example situation to help you better understand the context of the term. You are sitting in your class and are studying history, which is making you super sleepy. And this is your conversation with your friend.

JohnJFC! Can the class end already! Am feeling super sleepy.
JaneYou feeling sleepy already? It started 5 minutes ago.
JohnWhat! Been only five minutes since the class started!

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Japjyot Singh

Japjyot Singh