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LinkedIn Groups experience gets an update

LinkedIn has announced an update to its Groups experience, which is aimed at building professional communities. With the feedback from their users, the company is now adding new features to LinkedIn Groups.

These new features will make it easier to record and share videos, messaging from anywhere on the site, being able to see when your contacts are online and more.

6 new updates to LinkedIn Groups

6 new updates to the LinkedIn Groups experience

While there are a total of six new updates to LinkedIn Groups, only three of them have been rolled out and three others will be rolled out soon. You’ll be able to access the first three features right now.

  • Conversations made more engaging: From now on, you’ll be able to post original videos, multiple images and other embedded media in the LinkedIn Groups. You’ll also be able to reply to comments and edit your posts and comments.
  • Notifications: Notifications have been added to LinkedIn to help users stay abreast with the activities and conversations happening in their LinkedIn groups. So, you’ll now be notified if someone comments on your posts or if someone wants to join a group you manage.
  • Accessibility: Using the LinkedIn iOS and Android apps, admins of groups will also be able to perform all group management actions from mobile. These include messaging group members, accepting requests to join or remove a post from the Group.

The following three features will be available in the coming weeks.

6 new updates to the LinkedIn Groups experience

  • Navigation: Navigating to your group has been made simpler and quicker as with the launch of this feature you’ll be able to find your LinkedIn Groups directly via the navigation panel on the LinkedIn home page.
  • Reply, Share to your LinkedIn Group right from your feed: Soon, you’ll also be able to join conversations in your group, reply to comments or share an interesting article — without opening your Group page — directly from your LinkedIn feed.
  • Discover Groups: The new update will also make it easier for you to find LinkedIn Groups that will interest you. Via the My Network tab on the desktop, you’ll be able to discover recommended groups.

LinkedIn plans to add more features in the coming months to the Groups experience, such as a new moderation tool for admins. These features will appear both on the desktop and mobile apps.



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