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7 tips and tricks that will make your Edge (Chromium) experience better

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The new Chromium-based Edge browser is laden with new and exciting features. Several of these features were available on other browsers, whereas several of the features are unique to Edge alone.

In this article, we’ve compiled seven tips and tricks that will enhance your experience with the new Edge browser on PC and smartphone app.

Activate voice search on Edge browser (Smartphone)

To activate the voice search on the new Edge browser, tap on the three-dot button, scroll the menu up and then tap on the Voice Search option.

When this option is activated, speak clearly in English, and the search engine will display the related content on your screen.

Activate dark mode (PC and Smartphone)

To activate dark mode on the new Edge browser on the smartphone, tap on the three-dot button at the bottom and then tap on Settings.

In the Settings option, go to Appearance > Theme > DarkOn the PC, click on the three-dot icon at the top right and then go to Settings. Then click on the Appearance option from the left sidebar and then select Dark option on the Theme subheading.

Set a specific home page (PC and Smartphone)

If you want a particular home page to open before your eyes every time you open the Edge browser, here are the steps to do so. On the computer, go to three-dot menu > Settings > On startup. The On startup option is present on the left sidebar. Here, if you want the browser to resume the same window that you had previously closed, select the continue where you have left off option, or click on Open a specific page or pages to open a particular webpage. Here, we have entered Candid.Technology as the homepage. You can enter any website of your choice.If you are using the Edge mobile app, then go to Settings > Home page > A specific page. Here, you can enter the full website address.

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Use Reverse image search (Smartphone)

This browser comes with an in-built reverse image search feature. To activate it, go to the three-dot menu at the bottom of the screen and then tap on the Image Search option.

Make sure to enable the access permission. Now, click on any of the three options mentioned below — Barcode, Auto or Shopping as per your requirement and the search engine will display the relevant results.

Remember, you should take a clear photo to get relevant results.

Display news ratings in the address bar (Smartphone)

Edge browser has an in-built NewsGuard extension through which the users can assess the credibility of the news website. To turn on the NewsGuard extension the Edge browser, go to Settings > News rating and then turn on the toggle beside Display rating on the address bar.

Activate the Read Aloud mode (PC and Smartphone)

Here also, Edge is one of the first browsers to have an in-built read-aloud mode which reads the contents on the web page. To activate this mode on the smartphone, tap on the three-dot button and then tap on the Read Aloud mode. Remember to open the content on the website first. On the PC, go to Settings > Read Aloud.

Enhance your online privacy (PC and Smartphone)

Edge also has new and improved online security features. Here, you will get three levels of security — Basic, Balanced and Strict. When you select the Strict option, Edge will block the tracker from most of the known websites. You can also visit the blocked trackers by clicking on the Blocked trackers option. In the smartphone app, you can go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Do not track.

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Kumar Hemant

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