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Microsoft Family Safety app will allow parents to control their kids online

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Microsoft Family Safety app will allow parents to control their kids online

Sorry kids! Microsoft just rained on your party with its latest release, Microsoft Family Safety app, which is rolling out today for iOS and Android devices and will allow parents to control almost every important aspect of their children’s lives online.

Microsoft Family Safety app allows parents to receive a weekly summary of their kid’s activity online, which includes their screen time on apps and websites.

The app can also be used to limit screen time for specific apps or games and add time beyond the limit on request on Windows, Xbox and Android.

Parents can also opt to receive an email request when their kids want to purchase something from the Xbox or Microsoft Store, such as a game. This helps as their cards will only be charged after the confirmation request is accepted.

Parents can also use the in-app search and web filters to block certain websites or apps such as those with adult content or only allow them access to specific websites and apps. This feature works on Microsoft Edge on Windows, Xbox and Android.

Apart from their online activity, the Family Safety app will also allow parents to keep track of their kid’s whereabouts and of course each other’s — given the device location is enabled. The app shows the last known location of all the family members on a map in the app.

Microsoft says that the family’s location data won’t be sold or shared with third parties including insurance companies or data brokers.

“It is also important to me that my family’s privacy is protected. I am not a fan of apps that sell or share my family’s location data to third parties. Microsoft Family Safety provides you full control around how and why data is collected and used.” announced Liat Ben-Zur, Corporate Vice President, Modern Life, Search, and Devices.

In the coming months, the company also plans to add two new features to the app, which will help build better habits while driving and will enable location alerts that’ll notify users when family members arrive or depart a specific location.

Good luck with those secret parties and date nights kids!

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