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Mozilla VPN is now available for $4.99/month in 6 markets

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Mozilla’s VPN is out of beta after they started testing it last December, and is available for a monthly fee of $4.99 in United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand.

The company plans to expand the paid VPN service to more countries later this year.

According to the company, as compared to the existing VPN protocols, the lightweight code of the Mozilla VPN makes it easier for security analysts to review and audit.

Mozilla VPN is currently compatible with devices running Android and Windows 10 (64-bit). The iOS VPN client is still in beta and will be officially announced soon and the company is still working on Mac and Linux clients, which are expected to be rolled out soon too.

“In a market crowded by companies making promises about privacy and security, it can be hard to know who to trust. Mozilla has a reputation for building products that help you keep your information safe. We don’t partner with third-party analytics platforms who want to build a profile of what you do online,” Mozilla announced.

Mozilla’s VPN boasts more than 280 servers in 30 countries, no bandwidth restrictions, support for up to five devices (all with device-level encryption) and also a promise of not logging user activity except the “most minimal data required to keep the VPN healthy and operational”.

The company also says that their reputation of building privacy-focussed browsing experience for internet users should help the potential buyers trust their VPN service enough to invest their money.

“We follow our easy to read, no-nonsense data privacy principles which allow us to focus only on the information we need to provide a service. We don’t keep user data logs..”

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