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This Google Alternative Mystery Search is Amazing

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Mystery Search: An amazingly funny Google alternative

Looking for a fresh change, away from the conventional world of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Rediff or other search engines? Here is a cool new way to search the web — Mystery Search.

Or maybe it isn’t, depending on how you see it. Mystery Search is an alternative search tool, which uses the Google search engine to return the search item entered by the last user on its website.

In other words, whatever you will enter into the search box, will be shown to the next user on the website.

The website gives two options beneath the Mystery search box — Mystery Search and I’m Feeling Very Lucky. While the former will get you random results on Google as mentioned above, the latter takes you to a random Wikipedia page.

Mystery Search: An amazingly funny Google alternative

To use either of the features, you’ll need to enter at least two words in the Mystery search box. When you click on I’m Feeling Very Lucky, the site will ask Are you Sure? and clicking on that will redirect you to a Wikipedia page — we got Benedict Cumberbatch.

Google’s same I’m Feeling Very Lucky redirects you to Google Doodles archive. Apart from the text-based search, there is also an option for Images search on the website, but be careful if you’re going to access that.

Luckily for us, Kaspersky intervened and warned us that the connection is not secure. The prompt read: “The security of your connection is reduced. Criminals can attempt to steal your data from the website. You are advised to leave this website.”

We’d recommend you do not try out the Images search right now. Also, if you’re really trying to search for anything, stay away from the Mystery Search as it will not allow you to search for anything that you wish to at the moment.

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