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Netflix phases out the cheapest ad-free plan in Canada and the UK

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Netflix is phasing out the cheapest ad-free tier for existing users in the United Kingdom and Canada. This shift, first noted through multiple Reddit posts, has prompted the streaming giant to request that some of its basic plan subscribers choose a new subscription tier to remain connected to the platform.

A Reddit user reported receiving a notification from Netflix indicating that their last day to watch content on the basic plan would be July 13th. The notification urged users to select a new plan to maintain their subscription.

Subscribers in Canada who are currently paying CAD 9.99 per month for the basic plan have three options: 5.99 CAD/month for the standard ads-included plan, 16.49 CAD/month for the standard ad-free plan, or the premium 20.99 CAD/month for the 4K plan.

Similarly, in the United Kingdom, users will have to choose between the standard ad-included plan, which costs £4.99/month, the standard ad-free plan, which costs £10.99/month, and the premium plan, which costs £17.99/month.

Observations from Reddit suggest that this change primarily affects users in Canada and the United Kingdom. This aligns with Netflix’s previous announcement in January, which stated that the basic tier would be discontinued for existing subscribers in these regions by the second quarter of this year.

Netflix’s UK page removes the basic plan from the pricing.

The official pricing pages for Canada and the UK confirm this change, noting the discontinuation of the basic plan while allowing users to switch plans at any time.

The phasing out of the basic plan began last year for new or returning members in the United States, Canada, and the UK. however, Netflix has yet to specify when this change will impact existing subscribers in the US.

The company’s decision to discontinue the basic ad-free tier seems a part of a larger strategy to encourage users to opt for its ad-supported plan. The ad-supported tier has experienced significant growth, with the company reporting over 40 million users as of May, reports The Verge. This move toward ad-supported content reflects a broader trend among streaming services to expand revenue sources and provide diverse pricing options to accommodate various viewer preferences.

This transition means reassessing subscription choices for existing subscribers on the basic plan. While the ad-supported tier offers a more affordable option, introducing ads may not appeal to all users. Conversely, the higher-priced ad-free plans continue providing the uninterrupted viewing experience but come at a steeper cost.

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